Cynthia Williams Fitness is your guide to a better, healthier lifestyle.

From customized workouts to custom meal plans, Cynthia Williams Fitness is ready to change your life, for good.


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No cookie cutter programs! Each program is custom designed to meet your personal needs. Exercise Programs come fully equipped with online coaching, nutrition, and exercise plans.



Just need a nutrition plan to stay on track? Cynthia Williams Fitness has a few programs intended for nutrition and meal based clients who have their workouts covered.

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Check out these testimonials. Cynthia Williams Fitness has gladly inspired and changed the lives of hundreds of individuals who needed a helping hand.

As part of your fitness program or, à la carte.


Cynthia Williams Fitness offers three different programs based on what your specific needs are. Maybe you need help with your workout and nutrition or maybe you’d just like to know what you should be eating every day. Find out which program is best for you!


A testimony to Cynthia and the LIFT program. Just went with the family on a 3.5 mile hike in Maine in the woods and on the road, up and down hills and rough terrain. A year ago, I couldn’t make it up one of the hills without stopping and feeling completely out of breath. This year, after fifteen weeks of LIFT workouts, mostly 2 times a week, I kept up with my super fit brother-in-law and sister! Makes me feel proud and also thankful that Cynthia pushes me beyond where I think I can go!
— Wendy M.

8 Week Nutrition & Exercise Program


This is the most popular program, selected by individuals of every stage in life. From workouts to daily meals, your entire day and week is outlined so that all you have to do is follow the plan, and start seeing results.



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